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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Management services are more than just collecting rent! Texas Longhorn Equities take the hassle out of managing rental property. We provide our clients with detailed reporting, tenant retention and awesome customer service.

  • Rent Collections – Pay online, in office, or drop-mail
  • Maintenance Coordination – we coordinate repairs of your property, keep you updated, and keep cost to a minimum
  • Tenant Relations – we are here locally to handle all tenant inquires and concerns.
  • Annual lease renewals – renew all leases 45 days before they expire.
  • Regular property inspections – we will coordinate regular property inspections to ensure tenant is taking good care of property and abiding by the terms of the lease agreement.
  • Annual 1099 -we will prepare annual MISC 1099 for your tax purposes.

Q: What is Texas Longhorn Equities Management Fee?
A: Our management fee is 8% of the full month rent.

Q: How much does Texas Longhorn Equities charge to lease my rental property?
A: 45% of full first month’s rent.

Q: Does Texas Longhorn Equities screen each tenant?
A: Yes; we screen all tenant before placed in your property.. We run a credit, criminal, work and rental history.

Q: Does Texas Longhorn Equities charge a fee for terminating a property management contract?
A: NO, we require only a 30 day written notice.

Q: Will Texas Longhorn Equities notify me of any major repairs
A: Yes. We will notify the property owner of all major repairs by phone or email.. we will make reasonable attempts to notify owner. We know you like to be involved in making big decisions; we will not have it any other way.

Q: Is the tenant responsible for any repairs?
A: Yes. Tenants are responsible for all damages caused by tenant or invited guest. Tenants are responsible for taking reasonable care of the property.

Q: Do I pay any upfront costs for signing up for services?
A: No! we get paid only when you get paid. There are no upfront cost or charges.

Q: How much can I lease my property for?
A: We will run a market analysis. Market analysis provides average market rent in your area. We will need property details which include year built, size and property address.

Q: Does Texas Longhorn Equities inspect my property to make sure my tenants are taking care of my property?
A: Yes! We do regular drive-by and interior inspections. We will try our best to hold your tenants accountable.

Q: How long will it take to lease my property?
A: Our average property is leased within 25 days. Often, have a waiting list.

Q: Who handles the middle of the night phone calls?
A: We do! We are on call 24 hours a day. Why worry yourself? That’s why you hired us!! Most emergencies are prioritized and often can wait to the next day.

Q: Does Texas Longhorn Equities require a reserve account and how much?
A: Yes, All owners are required to establish a minimum $250.00 reserve account per manage property. Reserve funds will be held in trust. Reserve account must be established within 72 hours of receipt of contract.

Q:Does Texas Longhorn Equities offer direct deposit?
A: Yes.